Samvedana’s Sattva Drive Upgrades 70.3% Malnourished

“Saving Lives-Celebrating Life”

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), 10th September 2017:Samvedana is proud to announce that it has successfully completed 300 days drive of its Sattva Project by holistically upgrading 70.3% malnourished children. The project aims to eradicate malnourishment amongst the 705 malnourished beneficiary children from 76aanganwadis. Such commendable result calls for a celebrationdated on 10TH September 2017 where they will felicitate all 150 women associated with ‘Sattva’. Special felicitations for the top 50 achievers from 25 aanganwadi’s showing 100% children upgraded as per WHO standards.

The Socio-Economic Review of Gujarat has revealed that 1.47 lakh of the 43 lakh children at aanganwadis in the state were found to be suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).This enduring epidemic has been plaguing the development of India and its high time we uproot it.Samvedana planned and initiated ‘Sattva’ project to provide healthy life with a nutritive supplements as advised by Sattva’s medical experts and to educate the mothers with nutrition facts and hygiene.

Sattva draws its inspiration from the word – ‘TATTVA’. Tattva in Hindi means element.In order to eradicate malnourishment, the children need to be endowed with nutritious food which means ‘SatvikAahar’ in our Matrubhasha (mother tongue). This led to formation of SATTVA (derived from tattva, satvik, aahar). The Sattva Logo denotes the process of moving the kids from the danger zone of malnourishment (red and yellow) to the healthy (green zone). It also represents a ‘bindi’ which is an integral identification of women in the rural areas.

Sattva 1 adds healthy life to malnourished children by providing them with nutritive supplement and education to mother. Malnourishment amongst children is an enduring enigma plaguing the entire world today and Samvedana is fighting to make Gujarat free from malnourishment and continues with same with a launch of Sattva 2.


Sattva 1.1 began on 9thJune 2016 with an aim of 100 days drive for 705 malnourished children. Well-structured 100-days plan was to move the kids across our aanganwadis from the danger red zone to the fully nourished green zone.Project activity was executed with a proper diet plan and education for child care. Drive showed very positive report where total 233 children were nourished from a total of 705 malnourished children – a substantial result of 33%.

After the results of 100-day drive the city Mayor felicitated Samvedana and extended support in continuing this initiative further. This led to the start of Sattva 1.2 on 14 November 2016 with revised plan of action and vigorous dedication from the entire team

Sattva 1.2 was again a 100 days drive with a modified approach towards the cause. First experience led to the improvement in nutrient supplements by Doctors and educational approach was re-planed as well.Thisupgraded the life of 368 children from a total of 674 and results in 61.30% which is approximately double.

Sattva 1.3 adds on to previous 200-day drive and began on 21st March 2017. It shows a positive report with 414 of total children who were upgraded from 667 malnourished ones. Finally, the 300 days drive gives a total 70.03% of result.

“Malnutrition is a silent emergency in our country. To deal with it one needs passionate intervention. That’s what Samvedana did! We are Satisfied with our results and now launching Sattva 2. Including pregnant mothers and lactating mothers along with malnourished young kinds below 6. Another step towards our vision of eradicating malnourishment from Samvedana run aanganwadis.” Says Janki Vasant, Founder, Samvedana Trust.

Sattva drive is successfulwith the help of Our Sattva Panel, including medical experts: Paediatrician expert Dr. Deepa Banker along with Ms. Sohini Shah a Nutritionist. Their constant supervision along with sensitised support of volunteers had brought this crucial project to a successful destination.





Ward Beginning -1 Result-1 Beginning -2 Result-2 Beginning -3 Result-3
Thaltej 332 114 327 167 324 227
Ghatlodiya 185 53 160 68 156 71
Chandlodiya 181 59 187 133 187 116
Total 698 226 674 368 667 414