A child without education is like a bird without its wings

Education is the best gift one can give to the child. It is the only effective way to empower the children to break through the shackles of poverty and transcend their families to higher strata. It also represents a double investment – an investment in the child and an investment towards future of the slum community.

Eklavya is our commitment towards offering educational scholarships to meritorious students to achieve their career goals. Based on their age and development factor we work with the children by adapting our support to their changing needs. Since 2005, we have been identifying deserving students from the community and working towards nurturing their potential

VISION: To recognize the untapped meritorious potential and providing the right facilities towards nurturing it. By providing scholarship we aspire to mould the unnoticed future leaders of our society

Our Activities Include

Offering education support, guidance and grooming through teachers, experts and volunteers to make their foundations strong.
Provide with scholarships from secondary and higher secondary sections till college to make them achieve their career goals.
Offer vocational training to those who strive to build a career but require a support impetus


What's Happening

  • We have inducted 29 new students this year for meritorious scholarship.

  • Our 4 students graduated this year and are in main stream now!

  • Aptitude Test and DMIT have been done for all the students.

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