AKSHARA is about our commitment towards building strong foundations of education at the grass-root levels with our belief- ‘Not just education, but quality education is the right to every child.’

As Samvedana, we had been associated with Gandhinagar municipal school since 2003, and Sarkari Vasahat primary school since 2007.

Samvedana is committed to giving meaning and purpose to lives of the underprivileged children by providing them quality education. Along with regular academic sessions, we have initiated welfare projects as well as workshops for children and parents round the year in the community, eventually working towards modifying lives.

Based on past 14 years of grass root level experience, this coming year, we propose a specific module with a proactive approach towards filling the gaps at the municipal schools. An intervention to strengthen the system.

With Akshara our aim is to have strong education foundation amongst the municipal school children. By giving quality Education at the foundation, we aspire to create smart students with developed critical and analytical thinking abilities, who can compete with other privileged peers when they reach high school, thus have higher employability.

  1. With an aim to provide a solid foundation to primary school education, we have compiled and collaborated to offer special modules on English, Mathematics and Computers.
  2. As a supplement to what is already given as midday meal, we provide fruits daily.
  3. Through ‘Happeee together’ we conduct planned inclusion workshops by volunteers to give exposure and explore one’s potential amongst the municipal school children in the area of creative arts, intellectual arts and performing arts round the year with a fix calendar. This would include happeee Shopping, festival celebrations and 15 days summer camp with kids.
  4. Have regular parent-counsellor meetings every quarter,
  5. Have one health camp in the community every year.

By synergizing and working with the school principals and teachers, Samvedana feels privileged in being a catalyst in act of nation-building by proving the qualitative education which is the birthright of every child irrespective of his background

Comparative Result of last 4 years for 1st to 8th std students


What's Happening

  • On 14th October 40 Kids of Anand Niketan School visited Sola DM School to celebrate Happeee Shopping with students.

  • Friendship Day celebration with school kids of Sola Primary Municipal School.

  • 100 kids of Anand Niketan School visited the students of Sola Primary Municipal School and celebrated Happeee Together.

  • Maths is now fun – our teachers applying play way techniques to teach the concepts.

  • Read to Speak’ team teaching English to our 3rd to 8th grade students.

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