Support the family of late Sunil Chavda in their fight for survival

Rajashri is an 18-year-old college student and the daughter of Sunil Bhai Chavda who lost his life to COVID. The family suffered emotionally and financially while trying to aid the affected father who finally lost his life. They are despondent about their future and apart from emotional and psychological stability, they would need immediate financial assistance to look eye to eye with their future. The future and survival depend on Rajashri, her siblings and their mother on how they pave their way. Belonging to low social and economic strata they have been struck hard by their unfortunate event and need your support for their lives and future.  

More about the family:

Rajashri aspires to become a doctor and is currently studying in GCS Medical college and research center, Ahmedabad. She lives with her mother, brother and sister in Tulsi Nagar Chapra.Her brother is suffering from Autism and cerebral palsy and is taken care of by his mother. Her younger sister is in class 12th and is also preparing for the NEET exam. Rajashri and her sister are two mature young girls who are passionate about their ambition to become doctors and understand the importance of education. Samvedna has been supporting their education since 2009.However, the recent loss of their bread earner has impacted the family beyond words. The situation the family faces now is even much more severe than before.

We spoke to Rajashri and her mother Varshaben Chavda to understand the troubles they are facing and how we can help them. Apart from supporting their education, we can help by providing a monthly ration kit to the family and help Varshaben to learn a skill which she can use to build a livelihood.

However, It would be extremely difficult for us to do it alone. Hence, in order to help Rajashri’s family with the above things and any other future problems that the family might face until Rajashri and her sister start supporting the family after completing their education, we would need your help through donations.