Samvedana in Sanskrit means Compassion. Founder, Mrs Janki Vasant sowed the seed of compassion in Ahmedabad by establishing Samvedana in 2002, with unflinching support of her husband and co-founder Mr. Hiten Vasant and guidance of veteran Academician and co-founder, Mr. B.M Peerzada.

She ingrained her inner strength from parents. Her father, Late Mr. Hariprasad Vyas, the leader behind the revolution ‘Maha Gujarat chalval’ that gave Gujarat a separate identity from Maharashtra in 1960, who dedicated his life for the cause of communal harmony through his journey. Her mother, an academician, then a state minister, gained immense respect for her commitment to women causes during her life.

Mrs. Vasant was one of the injured victims in a Plane hijack at Karachi in 1986, on which film ‘Neerja’ is picturised, in which, co-passengers had died. This had brought her so close to death, which taught her deep-rooted lessons on values like compassion, empathy and humanity – which really matter in life.

These are the major influences of her childhood which shaped her belief system into prioritizing for the larger good of the community by nurturing her inner strength.

Her compassion was first channelized back in 2001 when Ahmedabad was destroyed post-earthquake. Along with her husband Mr. Hiten Vasant, they put up an earthquake shelter, where over 20,000 people stayed for 2 months. Here, they set up the infrastructure, mobilized the right resources, inspired adequate partners to ensure that inmates had the right environment and the right access to guidance both informative and spiritual. This earthquake camp was visited by the then Prime minister as well as media from all over the world as it was a sheer example of how two normal individuals could instil hope amongst the survivors and provide inspiration to many by their simple act of humanity. This very grassroots level experience of human service inspired her deeply to make service her core area of life.

With a strong desire for nation building, her passion for children and a deep seeded trust that education empowers she was driven to work for the betterment of children. That’s when she founded Samvedana, a platform to create opportunities and interdependence through inclusive synergy. She started working in the slums with informal education, soon adopted a public school. What started as a remedial bridge program with 30 children, has today reached to and worked with over 125,000 beneficiaries over the past 14 years.

Today, Samvedana has created an ecosystem that is doing some great work in our community. Yet immense work needs to be done. It is now time to scale up, touch many more lives and spread the wings of compassion nationwide!


“A child without education is like a bird without its wings”


Samvedana is a platform for all the children coming from a low economic background who dream to get educated and shape up their lives, provide holistic and integrated interventions towards a better future.

Samvedana caters through Need-based initiatives towards empowering their skills, enriching their knowledge and empathizing with their lives. This philosophy enables us to reach out to more and more children and communities

Our Journey