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SAMVEDANA empowers young mind to live the poet’s dream.
It strives to create a world free of abuse world suffused with love,a world where opportunities are created to turn aspiration into achievements Other than supplementary education,the organisation also develops children through co-curricular and vocational activities and takes care of their nutritional requirements

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- Mrs. Janki Vasant - Founder

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Sattva’s team with its unique education plan actively involved with Mother’s counselling meetings at grassroot for  one to one interaction, educating mothers about the importance of Nutrition for their toddlers.

19 new students inducted under Eklavya Scholarship Project

100 day drive – Samvedana’s ‘Sattva’ nutrition drive is fighting malnourishment amongst 1000 children of Ahmedabad.

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Samvedana is about experiencing within us a space of genuine love and goodwill for others and see how that affects us personally.

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